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Insurance / Risk Management

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"Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark." - Richard Cushing, American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church

It’s hard to find a less exciting topic than insurance, but the truth is that insurance plays a critical role in every financial plan. Insurance provides essential financial protection from life’s big risks. That’s why we thoroughly analyze every client's various insurance policies and develop a risk management plan for them.

We do not sell insurance and do not earn any commissions related to insurance so we can offer you an unbiased assessment of whether you need more insurance (and if so, in what areas) or if you already have too much insurance.

  • "I have an existing life insurance policy, should I continue to pay it?" Our life circumstances change over time and sometimes our original reason for purchasing a policy is no longer valid. We will help you analyze whether it still makes sense to pay premiums on your existing policies.
  • "I am planning to apply for Medicare soon. How do I sign up? Which plan should I choose? Should I consider Medigap?" We have helped many clients navigate through the confusing and complex world of Medicare. We can guide you to select the options that are best suited for your needs.
  • "My Medicare Part B premiums are increasing. What can I do about it?" We advise many clients on how they can lower their Medicare costs by determining if they are eligible to apply for a Part B waiver and helping them avoid any late enrollment penalties.
  • "Do I need personal liability insurance? Or do I have too little?" It's important to have the right amount of personal liability insurance to protect yourself in our litigious society. We look at this in every financial plan we do.
  • "I have heard that long term care insurance is very expensive. Should I still consider it?" Long term care insurance is very expensive but it still may be a worthwhile option to explore for some clients, depending on your family circumstances and financial resources. We will help you dive into the analysis of whether it makes sense for you.

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