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Young Wealth Management

Our Approach

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Financial planning is at the core of what we do at Young Wealth Management. In your first year as our client, we will work closely with you to organize your finances, set and clarify financial goals that you have, and begin to take steps towards achieving those goals. Over the course of two or three one to one meetings, we will systematically examine each area of your financial life.

Monthly cash flow

Do you know how much you are spending each month and where you are spending it? Do you know how much you are saving?

We realize that tracking your monthly spending is far less enjoyable than a visit to the dentist, yet it is extremely important to creating and following a financial plan that will help you achieve your goals. Don't worry - we will hold your hand through this painful process and get you to the other side.


How are you currently investing your money? Does it match your goals and time horizon? How much investment risk are you comfortable with?

We will work closely with you to come up with a custom portfolio that fits your needs and comfort level. As wealth managers, Investment Management is an important part of our service. We custody all of our client's assets at TD Ameritrade.

Insurance/Estate Planning

Do you have too little insurance? Or too much? If so, in what areas?

We will review your current Insurance policies (life, disability, homeowners, auto, umbrella and long term care) and recommend you to increase, decrease, or maintain your current insurance. We do not sell insurance and do not receive any fees derived from insurance sales so you can rest assured that we are giving you impartial advice. In the same meeting, we will also review your estate plan and any Estate Planning documents you already have (will, trust, durable power of attorney, health care, proxy) and make our recommendations.

Retirement Planning

Do you want to retire but are not sure if you are financially ready to? Are you wondering at what age you should take social security? Do you wonder if you are saving enough for your later years?

We can help you answer these important questions in a thoughtful but realistic manner. We help you analyze your assets and your potential sources of income during retirement and help you envision this new phase of your life. Retirement Planning is not straight-forward – we can help you.

Tax Planning

Wondering if you have paying too much in taxes?

We review every client's tax return to look make sure that they are no overlooking any tax credits or deductions that they can apply. We offer annual Tax Planning with all of our clients to ensure that they are not paying more in taxes than they need to.

Education Planning

Not sure if you are saving enough for your child's college?

We will analyze your situation to see if you are on track with your saving and educate you on college (public, private, two year, four year) will cost. Once your child starts college, we continue our Education Planning and advise you on any tax credits you can claim and how best to spend down your college funds.

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