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Young Wealth Management

Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Are you:

Thinking about retiring?

When can I retire? Will I have enough money to last? Should I take my pension in a lump sum or as payments? When should I take Social Security? How do I apply for Medicare?

  • We will guide you through the small (but important!) details of retiring.

  • We will help you determine when you can stop working, forecast your spending to ensure sufficient cash flow, decide when you should take Social Security, and help you apply for Medicare.

  • If you have a pension, we will analyze whether it makes sense to take it as a lump sum or as installments.

  • We establish long term relationships with clients and continue to advise them well into retirement. Many clients ask us to work with the adult children as well.

  • If you wish to leave something to your children and grandchildren, or to a favorite charity, we will devise a strategy to transfer your assets seamlessly with minimal tax consequences.

  • Working with your estate planning attorney, we will make sure that your estate plan is up to date with all the important legal and medical directives in place in case something happens to you unexpectedly.

Still working and want to make sure you are on the right track financially?

Am I saving enough in my 401k at work? Should I be contributing to an IRA as well? If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, will my family be okay? Should I consider buying long term care insurance while I am young?

  • The financial decisions you make now will have a HUGE impact on whether you can retire when you want to.

  • We will advise you on how much to save and in what tax deferred accounts.

  • For our higher earning clients, we can provide recommendations on a "Back Door Roth" strategy, if appropriate.

  • We will analyze your risks and make sure you have the appropriate amount of insurance (life, personal liability, etc.)

  • If you have children, we will advise you on how and where to save for college. We will monitor your progress towards saving for college and keep you on track.

  • Once your children are ready to go to college, we will help you analyze financial aid and loan options and assess whether you are eligible for any educational tax credits.

  • If you are worried about long term care expenses later in life, we can assess whether it might make sense for you to purchase long term care insurance.

Recently widowed or divorced and ready to make a fresh start?

I've become suddenly single and I feel like I am starting over financially. What should I do?

  • You have the opportunity for a "fresh financial start." We will help you get off to a good start.

  • We will put together a comprehensive financial plan that takes into consideration your new circumstances.

  • We will review your estate plan, and working with your estate planning attourney, making sure that it is based on your new circumstances.

Expecting an inheritance and want to make sure you use it wisely?

My parents recently passed away and I was surprised to find out they left me an inheritance. What do I do with it?

  • Receiving an inheritance can be an opportunity to greatly enhance your financial plan. We will help you take advantage of it.

  • We will create a comprehensive financial plan and then demonstrate the impact the inheritance will have on it. We will outline options on how to best use your inheritance funds.

  • We will review your estate plan, working with your estate planning attorney, making sure that it is based on your new circumstances.

We provide personal financial planning to individuals, couples and families in six main areas:

  1. Investment Management
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Tax Planning
  4. Estate Planning
  5. Insurance Planning / Risk Management
  6. Education Planning

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